New Music Video: ‘Exalted’

They say good things come in threes… we released ‘Risen’ via MRR Records just last month, days later we released a second single, ‘Crisis Factor’ and a lyric video. Now we have posted the third single from the debut and a brand new music video to go along with it.

Entitled ‘Exalted’, this song is something Chandler holds quite close. “It’s an emotional song that many people can identify with,” comments Mark. “On the lyrical side ‘Exalted’ is also a very personal song.” Chandler adds, “This song is simply about finding my true self by helping others. This is a part of me that I can’t deny, so why not write a song about it?”

Watch ‘Exalted’ Here

Shot in a factory hall called ‘Hamelhalle’ in Switzerland, Mark explains more about the video and how it was director Can Isik who came up with the concept. “For this video Isik’s idea was to have the band performing in a bright lit huge hall with a lot of windows. It’s a performance clip with a frame story and it’s in opposition to the darker mood with pushed contrasts and desaturated colors we used in the ‘After The Silence’ video. ‘Exalted’ shows a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.”

Isik comments, “I imagined as many extras as possible – young and old, beautiful and special, characters out of real life – a community of people… The goal was to produce a positive emotional clip about people in need of finding the way to exaltation.”

Watch First Single ‘After The Silence’ Here

Watch ‘Crisis Factor’ Lyric Video Here

‘Risen’ is out now! Order It Here: