New videos online!

We’ve posted on KhaosChannel two new videos taken from our short Swiss Tour.

First one is a trailer including some impressions from our gigs at Hall Of Fame and Temus Music Club. Check it out here:

Second one features the track ‘HATED‘ from our EP ‘RISING‘. It has been recorded live at Temus Music Club. Check it out here in full length!

You can download the song from iTunes following this link:

Swiss ‘Risen’ Tour Spring 2015

Our short Swiss Tour is over. It was a blast to perform at Bruch Brothers in Lucerne, Hall of Fame in Wetzikon and Temus Club in Serocca D’Agno. For all those who missed the shows or would like to revisit those nights please check out this cool gallery courtesy of

In addition to the galleries you can enjoy our interview recorded by Danny Frischknecht of at Hall of Fame just before our second show.

Check out this nice review of our gig @Temus Music Club published by Live Music Lombardia

KHAØS & Fueled by Grace @Hall of Fame, April 30th

KHAØS invites you all to join the band live on April 30 at Hall of Fame in Wetzikon, one of the most rocking places in the Zurich area. Nice people, cool sound and DJ’s and a charming atmosphere you shouldn’t miss! A great opportunity to hear songs from KHAØS new Album RISEN and to see live in action Fueled by Grace an emergent and talented new band from the Zurich Oberland headed by Mack Schildknecht, guitarist for Swiss Hard Rockers China.  Join the party, you won’t be disappointed. Risen is coming to Switzerland! Tickets can be pre-ordered at


Facebook Event:


Flyer Hall Of Fame

New EPK & Footage From ‘Exalted’ Release Party

We recently released a brand new music video for ‘Exalted’ taken from our debut album ‘Risen’. We have now released a new EPK which was shot at the release party for ‘Exalted’ on November 18th at Archbar in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Watch The Video Here

Watch ‘Exalted’ Here

Khaøs Risen Artwork

Not easily categorised ‘Risen’ follows our acclaimed EP ‘Rising’ and features 12 tracks of modern, melodic hard rock and metal. The album was released via MRR Records on 20th October and was recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York.

Mark comments: “The subject matter transcends individual boundaries, hearkening to darker scenarios yet striving for resolution. The lyrical approach follows a trend of maintaining hope while facing difficulty and conflict. All the evil of mankind cannot suppress the people if they won’t let it. Aside from the lyrics and tone, the project’s unifying element is one of hard rock expression, which defies definition with every song.”

Chandler adds: “Musically and lyrically ‘Risen’ is a continuation from ‘Rising’, which was just a taste but began to touch on some of the deeper subject matter that I wanted to develop further into my writing; I had also been writing some Outloud songs with deeper meanings but for me it wasn’t really working in that setting. I knew I needed a different approach musically for it, and Khaøs seemed like the right fit so I channeled this focus there. I wanted an outlet to really convey problems with society, personal struggles, mental mechanisms, and the reasons for all of this. As always I leave the lyrics open to interpretation from the listener as each person will take something different from them, but these are general themes that are prevalent here.”

Watch First Single ‘After The Silence’ Here

Watch ‘Crisis Factor’ Lyric Video Here

‘Risen’ is out now! Order It Here:

New Music Video: ‘Exalted’

They say good things come in threes… we released ‘Risen’ via MRR Records just last month, days later we released a second single, ‘Crisis Factor’ and a lyric video. Now we have posted the third single from the debut and a brand new music video to go along with it.

Entitled ‘Exalted’, this song is something Chandler holds quite close. “It’s an emotional song that many people can identify with,” comments Mark. “On the lyrical side ‘Exalted’ is also a very personal song.” Chandler adds, “This song is simply about finding my true self by helping others. This is a part of me that I can’t deny, so why not write a song about it?”

Watch ‘Exalted’ Here

Shot in a factory hall called ‘Hamelhalle’ in Switzerland, Mark explains more about the video and how it was director Can Isik who came up with the concept. “For this video Isik’s idea was to have the band performing in a bright lit huge hall with a lot of windows. It’s a performance clip with a frame story and it’s in opposition to the darker mood with pushed contrasts and desaturated colors we used in the ‘After The Silence’ video. ‘Exalted’ shows a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.”

Isik comments, “I imagined as many extras as possible – young and old, beautiful and special, characters out of real life – a community of people… The goal was to produce a positive emotional clip about people in need of finding the way to exaltation.”

Watch First Single ‘After The Silence’ Here

Watch ‘Crisis Factor’ Lyric Video Here

‘Risen’ is out now! Order It Here:

New Lyric Video: ‘Crisis Factor’

Earlier this week we released ‘Risen’, our debut full-length album via MRR Records. Today we can reveal the second single from said album as a lyric video.

Entitled ‘Crisis Factor’, this song delves into the darker side of modern society and is undoubtedly one of the heaviest songs on the entire album.

Singer and lyricist Chandler comments: “This song is really an in your face, kick ass rocker which really says, ‘We’re here!’ It’s more or less about the state of affairs that we’re in today but from a personal point of view, the struggles one might go through as a result of societal problems and aberrations.”

“Ramification and danger are the main topics of the lyric video,” adds guitarist Mark Rossi. “The song is about the negation of responsibility and the ramifications of that, and finally culminating in the chorus which considers that we as a society are in danger if we don’t wake up and see what’s going on, and change many of our ways.”

Watch ‘Crisis Factor’ Here

Mark continues: “The song really represents the sound of the band and works perfectly in a live situation. It’s raw, energetic and modern. ‘Crisis Factor’ was actually one of the very first songs written after the release of the ‘Rising’ EP.”

Crisis Factor Artwork

Doug Anderson of Visceral Video edited ‘Crisis Factor’ while Mark came up with the graphic concept.

Watch First Single ‘After The Silence’ Here

‘Risen’ is out now! Order It Here: